The Secret Life of Burt The Bear

  • Learn and Practice Blended Words with Burt the Bear in his Wild Adventures!

    The very goofy Burt the Bear is a wild dude who loves his secret adventures and helping children learn the skills they need for a strong language foundation. Going along with Burt as he swims in neighbors’ pools, snacks on strawberries from garden patches, and even takes a remote-control airplane for a spin, children will have the opportunity to engage in Burt’s fantasy world while establishing the skill of enunciating blends in reading aloud.

    Articulation practice is crucial for early speech and language development for preschoolers, elementary students, and children with speech delays. The Secret Life of Burt the Bear expands sounds into functional words and create meaning. It addresses the prevalent need for speech development in a fun experience and helps grow children’s passion for reading.