Grizzly 399

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"In a delightful tale about one of the most famous and remarkable grizzlies of all time - known as #399 - Sylvia Medina takes you on an intimate and sometimes harrowing journey of discovery into the life of a bear. Grizzly 399 reminds us why we need wild animals in our lives and how they depend on us to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The grizzly has no better friend than Tom Mangelsen, whose photos grace these pages. As #399 and her family give us joy, they and other grizzlies are counting on our respect and compassion to survive." -Louisa Willcox, Co-Founder of Grizzly Times, and Advocate for the Wild

Grizzly 399 by Sylvia M. Medina is a part of the Animal Environmental Heroes series from Green Kids Club(TM). Each story has beautiful illustrations by Morgan Spicer, photos, and facts about the animal or issue in the story.